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The SP Paint board of Directors share a combined 60 years experience in chemistry, manufacturing, marketing, applications installation and sales.

Who We Are

The Directors of Eco Specialised Paint Solutions (SP Paint) see a visionary company that understands the growing demand for environmentally friendly products in the market and we hope to ensure a sustainable healthy environment for future generations. With our product range and services we believe we can satisfy your need.

With the growing demand for sustainable environmentaly friendly products, Eco Specialised Paint Solutions also called SP Paint was established in 2016 as the company that would take the responsibility for the distribution, supply and application of the unique eco-friendly paint and cleaning products. SP Paint extended our services to include application of paint, installation of ceilings, tiles and plaster work.

SP Paint are committed to our customers by offering a hands-on approach of superior service, professional installations and the supply of high quality products to satisfy the total need of our customer and their requirements.

We pride ourselves on our core values of honesty, integrity and we are passionate about adding value to your needs. SP Paint obtained the distribution rights for the supply of Greencoat and SP Paint products and we pride ourselves in doing our part to change the future. SP Paint have a division that is equipped with specialize in cleaning products for most of your surface cleaning, fat traps, drains and degreasing requirements.

Our Vission

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Our Mission

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